The central ingredients of our soaps come from Morocco. For this reason, we have come to the conclusion that production should also take place locally. Especially the aspect of social responsibility has moved us to this production site. Since the raw materials are not simply exported, but are processed on site, the entire value chain remains in Morocco. The local population thus benefits on the one hand from the extraction of the raw materials and on the other hand from the processing. This creates jobs and generates income for countless families. Furthermore, soap production has a long tradition in Morocco. Already for centuries soaps are produced in Morocco, therefore the production is understood not only as work, but rather as traditional handicraft.

Our soaps are made by hand, which makes every single soap unique. However, this also means that small deviations in size, weight, shape and color are possible. The highest production standards are applied in the manufacturing process. Regular inspections by independent organizations guarantee the observance of good manufacturing practice.